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Be the sunshine
Enjoy humility
Feel unconditional love for al...
Find beauty and joy in doing w...
Give everything you do your co...
Make mistakes and learn
Know that it doesn't matter
Tell the truth, particularly t...
Let your work be for All
Be the dance
Join with others to sing the song
Search for the truth

Tony Novissimo

The BE circle met on Saturday 27-01-2007 and we discussed Tell the truth particularly to yourself. In the beginning we took truth telling at the personal and superficial level. But slowly it dawned on us that there were deeper issues involved. It became clear that we frequently avoid the truth because of fear. Fear it seems rules everything.

It seemed to me that if I feared that I might lose something, I would be careful with telling the truth to safeguard this my precious possession.

What do I prize so much. My reputation, my popularity, my skills, my right to belong, my knowledge, my spirituality and of course my possessions, my career, my money. What ever I prize I will set out to protect. But why do I prize these things so much, why are they so important to me, and why do I fear their loss.

Could it be that I believe that my possessions describe me. Am I the sum total of my possessions? Could it be that I would not exist without them?

Even worse, why do I avoid the truth to myself? Is it that I want to perpetuate the image I hold of myself? Do I need to hold a high opinion of myself? Why?

I am made sad even as I write these words. How sad it is that I am driven by Ego to need to protect my precious possessions. It is even sadder that I allow fear to direct me away from the truth.

Would not he who is most truthful be the mightiest.

Where is my truth?

Where is my fearlessness?

Can I not give up the need to protect my glorious possessions and TRUST that the real I am is cared for?