Just Be
Be the inspiration
Be the sunshine
Enjoy humility
Feel unconditional love for al...
Find beauty and joy in doing w...
Give everything you do your co...
Make mistakes and learn
Know that it doesn't matter
Tell the truth, particularly t...
Let your work be for All
Be the dance
Join with others to sing the song
Search for the truth

Carry Schomper

For me, trust is the most important thing in life. Without trust there is no calm, no friendship, no love, no fulfilment.

One day there was a woman who always felt very rich. There was enough, her life was beautiful, she lived in paradise. She was like the sunshine, always shining and laughing.
Everybody loved her and there was no struggle. Even if there was, she did the things she had to do, all with pleasure in her heart. She created abundance, not that she was a millionaire, oh no she wasn’t, but she was happy with all she had and she was always sharing her money, food, and her beautiful smile with everybody. She gave birth to two beautiful daughters, and was incredibly happy.

Then one day, suddenly something changed. She became precarious. She had to take care for two little children. She realised that the children needed new clothes each year and needed good organic food that was very expensive. She realised that sports, arts and all kinds of things where very important for the development of the children.
She became afraid that there was not enough. And therefore this was the reality she was creating!
Paradise had disappeared and it was hard work without any trust at all. Everything diminished. She almost had to move out of her house because she couldn’t afford it. She became very angry and lost trust in others. The spiral was going the wrong way and everything became depressing. She was always tired and did not know how to survive. And then - one day - she realised that in the past she had always been feeling very rich! Even when she hadn’t had anything at all, in those times she had always felt free and happy and sharing everything she had.
She realised that the truth is: we only have to realise that we have got everything we need, and it’s there! Enough for good food, good clothing and for a good roof above our heads for all the lessons everybody has to learn in the family - there was always enough! This must Be what the universe wants: abundance for all. So let’s create it and trust. So she did.

And would you like to know how it ended? The phone was ringing and ringing and a big shop came in, at once she earned a lot of money. And this was happening several times, therefore she thought the angels must be helping me. And so they were. She thanked the universe and told herself every day that there was enough all the time.

She became rich again, not a millionaire, but there was enough for everything she needed and wanted to do, for good food, a good house, beautiful clothes, money for travelling. And the children had a cosy warm smiling mother. Everybody who wanted to have dinner with them could share the table and have a lovely meal.

TRUST is the most important thing to realise a happy and fulfilling life. Trust in yourself and in the universe. Know that abundance is meant for everybody, nobody excluded.
Today her life is still beautiful. Trust is still the most important thing for her. And sometimes still a difficult lesson. Yet every time when it’s a little bit difficult she thinks of her feelings in the past. Now she knows the truth. And she starts a new creation.



Tony Novissimo 04/04/07

The more the BE Circle meets, the more I realize that so much of our personal process is involved in trust.
If I am just be then I must trust that I can let go of my own personal control and just be in the present moment.
If I am to tell the truth, particularly to myself, I must trust that the truth will triumph in every situation, and that my honesty will not bring condemnation, ridicule or anger to my person. 
If I am to just be the dance, I must trust that my whole person will be cared for while I travel to that special place.
If I am to make mistakes and learn, then I must trust that it is ok to make mistakes, and trust that I will survive them, learn from them and not attract ridicule for my ineptitude.

Every where I see that I must surrender my personal control, let go, give it away, TRUST.

But the real question is who am I to trust in, who will take control of my life, or more particularly, whom will I surrender to with simple humility. Each of us will have our own understanding of “Who” it is. For me it is God, my beloved, and my best friend. For me the decision has been made and I have found that surrender is glorious. Surrender has brought me so close to my beloved that I want for nothing else.

Could it be that surrender and trust is the essential ingredient to all successful relationships?