Just Be
Be the inspiration
Be the sunshine
Enjoy humility
Feel unconditional love for al...
Find beauty and joy in doing w...
Give everything you do your co...
Make mistakes and learn
Know that it doesn't matter
Tell the truth, particularly t...
Let your work be for All
Be the dance
Join with others to sing the song
Search for the truth

Tony Novissimo

If you are in a motor accident for example, you will remember every tiny detail of the occasion. This is because you were entirely in the present moment, entirely in that place and your attention was entirely focussed upon the event. This is rare. We can of course be in the present moment , but where exactly do we place our attention.

What so often happens is that our attention wanders across a number of interesting things that are going on  in this present moment and so we divide our attention . 10 seconds on this event , 10 seconds on this and so on . Now what happens is that we only get a partial view on each event . Our memory will be partial.

So the ideal is to attend to just one thing at one time. Let that one thing be the entire universe for your senses.  If your attention is at the working surface everything that occurs will be under your complete attention, Everything will be known, joy will arise. All will be pure and perfect. You will be pure and perfect.

The word interest comes to mind. You will find that you will place your attention on that which you are most interested in. This how for example you can attend to one conversation while being in a room filled with hundreds of conversations.
The word interest is derived from Inter and Rest. Literally to Rest between. So in the state of most interest you are most at rest, and at ease with yourself. The word attention also is derived from the French word Attend to wait, to stay. So attention is also a way of staying in the one place in rest.