Just Be
Be the inspiration
Be the sunshine
Enjoy humility
Feel unconditional love for al...
Find beauty and joy in doing w...
Give everything you do your co...
Make mistakes and learn
Know that it doesn't matter
Tell the truth, particularly t...
Let your work be for All
Be the dance
Join with others to sing the song
Search for the truth

Tony Novissimo

A man started to sing. It was a beautiful song, and a song I knew. I was drawn to join him. We sang together. Our voices harmonized and it made joy come to my heart.
Two others hearing the song came over to join our song and then three more.
Soon others came and the sound was glorious. It was no longer the sound of individuals but a mighty sound belonging to none of us. We had simply joined this mighty sound, this joyful sound. It was the vehicle that allowed us to become one.
Then they came in their tens and hundreds and then thousands. A huge crowd came singing this beautiful song. We were one. It didn’t matter if an individual could or could not sing. Beauty was drawn from each of us.
The men sang with such masculinity while the women wove their beauty through the fabric of sound.
Then at last everyone was there, all the peoples of the earth. Men and women of all callings, all races, all cultures. They all joined the song .It was so beautiful. None every wanted it to end.
People were smiling. People were sobbing with joy.

This song is being sung right now. This beautiful song. You can come and join whenever you want. Join the singers, lose yourself in the one song, let go of your individuality and join the song. It is your song we are singing.