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Science and Non Duality - DVD's and Webvideo's
A groundbreaking collection of conversations with leading scientists, contemporary mystics, authors and teachers.

The Art of Jumping Time Lines - Hathors through Tom Kenyon 
A wonderful contribution to today’s shift in consciousness; make a choice in what reality you want to experience.

Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia  English  Deutsch  Nederlands
This series of 9 small books belongs to the most interesting information available on the planet today. A young woman is living an amazing example of how Man used to - and is again going to - live in perfect harmony with Nature, with Source and with One another. For a clear vision on a splendid future for this planet !
Great lessons from Source about Co-Creation, and the Laws of Manifestation. Many valuable video's and audio's on this website. Excellently channeled by Esther & Jerry Hicks

The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking - daily lessons from Jesus ('Brother') - 33 days one short email a day. A journey toward Inner Peace. As profound as A Course in Miracles, yet divided in small portions of 7 sentences.
How to reach and use the Heart above the Heart
Clean your drinking water instantly by Loving, Thanking & Respecting your water. Dr.Masaru Emoto's Watercrystals
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
British Crop Circle Archive 1994-2011 by Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas. 

M I R - Mental and Intuitive Reset  -
MIR - 2 minute daily simple self-healing activation
in 9 languages.
Self Healing for children and teenagers:

Free Angel Healings for your Health
M A P - Medical Assistance Program of the White Brotherhood
Instructions on regular, efficient and free Angel Healings for your Physical and Emotional Health. Because of the need of the hour in this time of collective purging and clearing, our Angels offer instant emotional healing and removal of blockages IF ONLY WE ASK. Here is a wonderful quick tool for all who are not used to doing this.

Protection and Healing from Radiation, Neurotoxins, Bacteria and Viruses - Hathors through Tom Kenyon 
Instruction in text to print - or distribute by email. 

The Institute of HeartMath's research has shown when you learn how to intentionally shift to a positive emotion, heart rhythms immediately change. Creating a favorable cascade of neural, hormonal and biochemical events that benefit the entire body. The stress-reducing effects are both immediate and long lasting. Webzine on Earth Changes and the Great Shift in Human Consiousness presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek Patricia Cota Robles messages from Source about the Great Shift in Human Consciousness. Insight in the History of this great shift. Providing useful tools for everyone. 
Messages from Matthew to his mother Suzanne. Matthew died at 18 and appeared to be Light Being, able to give trustworthy messages about the current situation in our world: economically, environmentally, politically and spiritually, seen from a Unity Consiousness perspective.
Sound Encyclopedia of well known Mantra's from traditions all over the world

Buddhist retreat center (USA) dedicated to the Sacred Feminine. 
Popular Buddhist Magazine on Non Duality 
Phi proportions in music, color, the human body, geometric constructions, DNA, the solar system, etcetera
Russian painter Nicholas Roerich 1874-1947 has painted the Himalaya's, Russia, Mongolia, India and the USA from a high frequency perspective. Produced nearly seven thousand works of art.
Easy square foot vegetable gardening
Een makkelijke moestuin voor iedereen! 
Uplifting and Inspiring Movies that change people's consciousness. Receive 4 movies every month for $21.  A wonderful tool for schoolteachers.