Just Be
Be the inspiration
Be the sunshine
Enjoy humility
Feel unconditional love for al...
Find beauty and joy in doing w...
Give everything you do your co...
Make mistakes and learn
Know that it doesn't matter
Tell the truth, particularly t...
Let your work be for All
Be the dance
Join with others to sing the song
Search for the truth

Tony Novissimo

What is this music I hear. What is it doing to my heart? Why now do I want so much to dance?

I start to dance. How odd it feels at first. In the beginning I am stiff and awkward, and just a little self-conscious. But soon my movements flow freely, and I am lost in the moment. Now only the dance is important, I flow from sculptural shape to shape a flow of shapes that sequence together beautifully into a magical story. Whose story is it I wonder, is it my story. My true story.

I do not care who might see me. I do not care if my dance is well executed or not, it is not important. I am now in another place. I feel joy, beauty, bliss and I feel the pulse of the music. It is the pulse of the world it is the pulse of the universe. I am dancing in the universe in celebration of all creation. My dance lets me weave though the space and time and interweave with all that there is.
It is a dance of celebration. A dance in praise of the highest good. It is so beautiful. I dance in its praise, I dance to say thank you, and I dance to bring joy to my creator. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Now I am the dance

Now I am