Prayer for the New Earth


To find joy and to be free of dis-ease
To find freedom without suppression of another
To live in freedom, and not take each others freedom
To have the freedom to grow and develop
To live in freedom from fear
To be nourished physically, mentally and spiritually
To take full responsibility and render account for it
To be different and be equally valued
To make it each ones own responsibility to define morality
To love our planet and be accountable for it
To be allowed to be


Living the principles
Practicing the principles together
Creating    spaces in many places
Forming    organisations in those places
Sharing everything with the children
Founding the blue pin project
Founding lighthouses
Joining and supporting each organisation of positive action
Encouraging cooperation between different groups
Creating a network in which everyone can work and grow
Standing for our responsibility together
Taking our own responsibility for ourselves, mankind and the world
Coaching each other
Working towards    becoming unnecessary in the future