Just Be
Be the inspiration
Be the sunshine
Enjoy humility
Feel unconditional love for al...
Find beauty and joy in doing w...
Give everything you do your co...
Make mistakes and learn
Know that it doesn't matter
Tell the truth, particularly t...
Let your work be for All
Be the dance
Join with others to sing the song
Search for the truth

One way to help us Be the Sunshine is visualising
 (=creating) the connections shown above. Do this in the following manner :

Visualize your Heart shining like a Sun with golden rays.

Connect one golden ray with your Earth Star 30 cm beneath your feet. Greet your Earth Star with love - and it will light up. 

Send love to the Centre of the Earth, which is a Sun as well. As a reaction Earth's Centre will light up in your direction - and fill you with its sunlight.

Back in your radiant Heart send love to your Soul Star 100 cm above your head. As a reaction Soul Star will light up and work with you more actively.

Then send love to our beloved Sun, whilst you visualise it straight above, in one line with your Heart - Earth's Centre connection.

Finally send love to our beloved Great Central Sun (Hunab K'u / Galaxy Centre). You will notice that Sun and Great Central Sun return their love to you and give you a warm radiant feeling. Great Central Sun is where all the Earth changes come from, and it is important to remain connected with the Centre of Change, that is, if your system can handle this. Otherwise stay with the Sun as your final connection point.

Notice how your Heart's radiance grows and grows through these connections, filling up all your cells and your auric field, and finally your world / your work / your point of focus. Now you are a true Sun.

                                                                           Laetitia Kingsford