Prayer for the New Earth


Prayer for the New Earth

I have a vision where all people are at peace,
where every single person has food and a home,
where all children are loved
and educated to develop their talents,
where the heart is more important than the head,
and where wisdom is revered over material riches.

This world is ruled by justice, by love, by honesty,
by respect, by equality and by fairness.

In this world, nature is honoured,
so all the waters flow pure and clear,
and the air is fresh and clean.
Plants, trees and minerals are nurtured,
and all animals are respected
and treated with care and kindness.

There is a lot of happiness and laughter,
and humans walk hand in hand with angels.

Thank you for the love, the understanding,
the strength, and the courage
to do my part in spreading the light.

May the whole world come to ascension,
so all people can live in freedom and happiness
from a higher consciousness,
so people can follow their heart and soul
and create their dreams, their heaven on earth.

So let it be.

(original by Diana Cooper)
modified, extended, translated by Annemarieke Moes