Just Be
Be the inspiration
Be the sunshine
Enjoy humility
Feel unconditional love for al...
Find beauty and joy in doing w...
Give everything you do your co...
Make mistakes and learn
Know that it doesn't matter
Tell the truth, particularly t...
Let your work be for All
Be the dance
Join with others to sing the song
Search for the truth

From the Art of Spiritual Peacemaking: 

"I will not call you to BECOME anything, but to BE all things. How can I ask you to COME to me when I do not see any distance between us at all? I ask you to BE me. Are you beginning to understand? There is nowhere for you to go. You need only open your eyes and see where you have always been." 


Tony Novissimo  Opening speach Be Foundation 22-04-06

We all experience past, present and future. You can only BE in the present. Many of us spend countless hours thinking. These thoughts are usually called circling thoughts and largely go nowhere. All circling thought is of the past or the future. To come to the present moment, the here and now, we must stop thinking. In the stillness of now we can be.

Who are we? Much of the time we believe we are the imagined individual that we have dreamt up. This imagined individual is very special to us and we spend much time fighting for its case and fighting for its survival and cleaning up its track record.

Nearly all circling thought is involved in the defence of this imagined individual. But the imagined individual does not exist. You have just dreamt it up. So your thoughts are but dreams too. The real you exist only in stillness and only in the present moment in the here and now. You can become the real you and just BE when ever you fall still. You can be when you meditate. You can be when you let go of your dream and just dance. Yes let go of your dream and just BE.

Let us liken your circling thoughts to scribbling on a sheet of paper.  Imagine you have scribbled all over a piece of paper. And now imagine you would like to write a wonderful truth upon the paper. You cannot because it is obliterated with scribble. So it is in you mind if your mind is full of scribble. There can be no room in the mind for original thought. No room in you mind to lie at rest with your true self.

It is said that all actions fall into 3 groups
To Be
To Do
To Have
Most of us are busy doing so we can have; earn money so we can buy a car etc. We are so busy in fact that we fail to remember the infinite importance of being.  How many of our circling thoughts are concerned with doing and having. Sadly how few of our thoughts are concerned with being.

In the Vedic tradition, for example, we have the three Gunas:-
Being is equivalent to Satwar (Sat as in bliss, Joy, satisfaction)
Doing is equivalent to Ragas (Fire, rage and activity)
Having is equivalent to Tamas (sleep, holding, fixed)
It is said that the entire creation is made of these three Gunas in various states of balance. Saguna Brahman is the Creator. Nierguna Brahman is the non involved stillness beyond.

In the quiet state of being we are truly at rest, and in this space can apply sharp attention to the world around us. Our intuition is sharp and our senses are alive. When there is scribble in the mind we can only glimpse the universe fleetingly, and often miss what is really going on. The state of being is all about attention to the very thing that is in front of you. Let you attention go nowhere else

There is a strange problem for us to face. It seems that when we fall still and truly come into the present moment, our imagined individual, the one  that we have dreamt up, is no longer in focus. It is no long given life. Strangely it will fight to regain its supremacy, to dominate you once again. Have you noticed how difficult it is to hold to a state of stillness for a long period? It is as if we fear that we cease to be in stillness. We fear that this stillness could cause our own annihilation. The end of us .We struggle back to the noise to remind ourselves that we still exist. The truth is that in the stillness of just being you are you real self. You are ever filled with bliss, joy and love.

It is interesting how our mind seems to work. Wherever we turn our attention, and this usually we do with our senses we “see” something, which we immediately give “a name” and “a form “ to. We categorize it and feel content that now it is safely understood.

In a simple state of being we can “see” without labeling. We just see, hear, feel and so on. In this way through our senses we become one with everything. We do not need to know it; to be one with it is all that is needed. Let mind fall still and Be one with everything. What simple bliss this brings.

In English we have many words beginning with BE. Let us replace be with God:

Behave            to have God
Because           God’s cause
Becalm             God’s calm
Become            come to God
Before              in front of God
Befit                 to be fitting to God
Beget               to obtain God
Beloved            to love God